my nightly routine ~ summer edition


I’ve watched my fair share of nightly routine videos, some might say too many. But I’m guessing you can relate too cause you clicked on this post?!

There is just something so cozy & relaxing about them, I love seeing how people choose to wind down for the night. Maybe it’s because I can be quite a nosy person? I’m the kind of gal who rummages through people’s bathroom cabinets to see what products they use (please re-assure me that I’m not the only one who does this).


To start off… I need to make my room super cozy. Once the sun goes down, I immediately turn on my string lights & light my candles. That step is an absolute essential in my night routine, I really need it to set the mood! Sometimes if I’m feeling adventurous, I’ll plug in humidifier & add some peppermint essential oils lol.

Of course, my next step includes my nighttime skin care routine (there is something so satisfying about taking off my makeup for the night). I do the usual routine consisting of makeup wipes, face wash, toner & some moisturizer.  I’ve been loving the Garnier ‘Anti-Puff Eye Roller’, it’s incredibly soothing. I also have this weird habit where I can’t go to bed until I put on chapstick & hand lotion.


Netflix & wind-down. I know, I know, it’s not the best for you to watch tv before bed but I can’t help it. I always feel guilty binge watching when the sun is shining, so I have no choice but to watch at night. Maybe one of these days I’ll incorporate more reading into my routine. Right now I’ve been binging Law & Order, Gilmore Girls & The Good Place. It’s like my holy trinity this summer & I highly recommend you all watch these shows.

Even in the summer you can still find me sipping on some tea. I either love a fruity herbal tea or a green tea (I heard green tea boosts your metabolism). This is also right around the time I’ll be scrolling on Twitter.

Then after a while of winding down it’s time for bed. Thanks for reading, let me know your night routine!

xo, Nora




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  1. I love the photographs in this post! I’m the same and always turn to Netflix! I’m currently watching Gilmore Girls and 13 reasons why 😃

    1. aw thanks love, that means a lot cause this is my first post where i took pics of myself! gilmore girls has to be one of my all time favorite shows, i’m obsessed. thanks so much for reading (: xx

  2. I really need to sort out a proper night-time routine, I end up working until I fall asleep haha! I completely agree with not being able to go to bed without using lip balm, it’s an absolute necessity for me!

    1. you should lol i always find it so relaxing!! & yeah it’s such a weird little habit but i can’t fall asleep until i do. thanks for reading xx

  3. I love watching these videos! I’m terrible with my evening routine. The phrase one more episode goes through my mind a few too many times! I do walk my dog in the evening as well and I find that really relaxing x


    1. yes, i always find myself watching them from time to time! and trust me i’ve been there, especially when i watch law & order (: and walking your dog in the evening sounds lovely!!

  4. Love this post. well done! My routine also consists of Netflix, I am not a tea drinker so I will swap that for a hot chocolate 😉

    1. thanks love! i must agree i do love a good cup of hot chocolate (: thanks for reading!!

  5. I love nightime routine videos on YouTube too! They are super cosy to watch 🙂 I don’t really have a nighttime routine. My boyfriend gets home from work late so we usually watch something on Netflix and then he might play his PlayStation. Now it’s summer, fake tanning is in my nighttime routine too! xxx

    1. yeah right?! there is just something about them that i love. lol, hey at least you’re getting in some Netflix time!! thanks for reading (:

  6. I love winding down for the night! My routine is similar to yours – at the moment we are watching Mind Hunter on Netflix and loving it!

    1. oh my goodness i love mindhunter!! i still have one more episode left to watch but it’s so good (: thanks for reading!!

    1. gilmore girls is one of my all-time favorite shows!! obsessed (: thanks for reading! xx

  7. Doing my nightly skincare routine really helps me to unwind!xx

    Lauren |

    1. yes i totally agree! i find it to be so fun to try out new skincare products. thanks for reading (:

    1. i love lighting candles, mine always make my room smell so nice!! & it’s such a feel good show, i never want it to end (currently on season 4)!

  8. Your night routine is truly enviable! I always need to have a comfy space as well. I’m also a huge fan of tea right now. Does the caffeine make you stay up later?

    1. lol i love winding down! the caffeine doesn’t seem to affect me too much, but i usually stay up late watching netflix anyway (; sometimes i’ll drink berry herbal teas cause they don’t have any caffeine. thanks for reading (: xx

    1. thanks love (: appreciate it! i am too, especially since i’m always looking out for new products to try out lol thanks for reading!! xx

  9. I love seeing morning routines, night routines, you name it! They’re especially popular on Youtube, but not as much in the blogosphere! I loooove getting cosy, and even in the heat of the summer, I look forward to getting home at night, bathing in the air conditioning, and getting cosied up ^-^ I don’t turn on my string lights often because of the electric bill (I mean, err, for the environment… but also because of the electric bill hahah), but when I lived on campus and didn’t have to pay utilities, I loved having my lights on! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. yes that’s so true, i sometimes find myself clicking on routine videos! & i’m the exact same way!! after a long day, i look forward to wiping off my makeup and getting cozy. maybe you should try battery operated string lights?! i have my on all the time (it’s 9 a.m. right now and they’re on lol) thanks for reading xx (:

    1. aw thanks! i try my best to make sure my bedroom is always cozy lol. string lights are a must for any room i live in. & i always appreciate a fellow gilmore girls fan (: thanks for reading xx

    1. i can’t have a night routine unless i watch netflix & drink tea lol! thanks for reading (:

    1. yes, couldn’t agree more!! it’s all i need to wind down lol, glad you’re the same way. thanks for reading (:

  10. There is really something magical about the night routine – I love reading posts about cosmetics and what each girl does before falling asleep. My routine is very similar to yours – although I do make a point not to watch TV before bed. My routine also consists of brushing my hair several times recently and making sure my nails are painted nicely.

    1. i know watching tv before bed is bad but i just can’t help it sometimes lol! maybe one of these days i’ll read before bed. night routines are just so calming (: thanks for reading xx

  11. I always watch Netflix/YouTube before I go to bed too! I’ve never seen Gilmore Girls before, but I want to start watching it! I’ve been watching Gossip Girl and just finished 13 Reasons Why a few weeks ago! I highly recommend both if you haven’t seen them before. Great post! 🙂

    1. aw thank you!! yes you gotta start watching gilmore girls (: it’s one of my all-time favorite shows, if you like gossip girl & 13 reasons why you’ll love gilmore girls!! i still need to finish the second season of 13 reasons why & i’m seriously contemplating re-starting gossip girl. thanks for reading (: xx

  12. Love the look of your room! 🙂 I would like to give Law and Order a try! Recommending Money Heist as well. Great post!! 🙂

    Ellaine | In Betweens

    1. aw thank you, i’m finally satisfied with how my room looks!! law & order is such a great such if you like crime shows, will def give money heist a go. thanks so much for reading (: xx

  13. I make an entry in my bullet journal and wrap up my day, and make my to-do list for the next day. Then my salt lamp is a must. While chilling to Netflix of course.

    1. i’ve always heard people talking about bullet journals but i’ve never given them a go, seems really cool tho!! i used to write in a journal when i was younger. my one friend has a salt lamp & it’s very cool (:

    1. yes i totally agree!! that’s the time of the day where i allow myself to binge-watch all my current shows i’ve been watching on Netflix (: thanks for reading!! xx

    1. same! it’s my favorite thing, even though i should be reading more before bed lol!

    1. thanks so much girlie (: yes!! i absolutely love seeing other people’s routines, i can’t wait to write a winter night routine!!thanks for stopping by xx

    1. yes!! once in a while i’ll also apply a face mask or some serums, it’s honestly the best. xx

    1. yes!! i can’t fully relax in my room unless i have it all cozy with my string lights and candles. i am trying to to scroll through twitter before bed BUT it’s such a habit at this point lol. xx

    1. omg thank you so much, that means a lot (: you’re the best!! and i do try my best to make my night routine as cozy as possible!! thanks for reading xx

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