working out ~ gymtimidation & my workout essentials


This time of year I always try to get my butt into the gym… because during the summer I’m out of class, unemployed & looking for something to do.

I’m gunna be real, I didn’t exercise once these past two semesters at school & I ordered a TON of takeout food. It’s fun and all to eat pizza, chicken fingers & Chinese food, until uhhh you start gaining some weight & feeling sluggish.



I know working out always make me feel empowered but it’s always soo hard to just get started. Also, I always get a little nervous before I enter my local gym, (for me) there is always that fear that people are silently judging me. Whether it’s my outfit, my makeup-free face or the way I look when I’m breaking a sweat.

Sometimes it seems like everyone has the cutest gym outfits that came straight from Pinterest or that they have their hair in the sweetest braids, while my hair is in a sweaty & frizzy ponytail.



So I’m here to convince myself & others, STOP CARING! (i mean that in the nicest way possible). I also feel like I’ve also heard that a million times, but I’m going to try to make it my mantra. In reality fellow gym-goers probably haven’t even acknowledged your presence because they’re too busy looking at themselves in the mirror & worrying about themselves.




In order to make me feel better at the gym the most I will do is dab some concealer over my imperfections & add some mascara. I don’t recommend having an insane workout wardrobe, like Khloé Kardashian, but have like a couple shirts, pants & sport bras that you’re able to mix & match.



Forever 21 has the best sports bras because they’re inexpensive & have super cute options!




Pop in your headphones and ignore those around you & completely focus on pushing yourself!

The other morning I took a Pilates class, I could barely do all the moves because my muscles were shaking so much BUT it was totally worth it. One last thing I want to say… even if you think someone is staring at you & silently judging, kick a** at you workout & ignore them! lol

xoxo, Nora

P.S. I wanna hear your gym experience in the comments, so let me know!


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  1. little technical difficulty on the comment section, sorry guys !! hopefully it’s fixed lol xo

  2. I love gyming. I love to put my wireless headphones in, zone out, sweat it out! Working out helps reduce anxiety for me. Also I’ve currently lost 13lbs before my holiday so another bonus to self love! Learning to appreciate my body and stop hating on it. 🙌🏻 Xxx

    1. love to hear that, congrats (: yeah i just blast my music and sweat it out! wasn’t gunna go to the gym today, but thinking i might! i still sometimes think people are looking at me while i run on the treadmill but i’ve learned to ignore that thought. xo

  3. I’ve never been a fan of the gym, but I prefer going to classes. I used to love going to Pilates and Zumba, but then I got out of the habbit going.
    Youtube at home is my gym now haha! I love watching the various workout videos that I can do in my own space and time.

    I’ve also really enjoyed going on long walks, its surprising how much of your body you use, I have definitely noticed a difference.

    Great post!

    Aimsy xoxo

    1. thanks love (: yaaa i much prefer going to classes like pilates cause otherwise i have no idea what to do! there are some great yoga & dance workout videos on youtube, especially on the popsugar channel. i love going on long walks when the weather is nice(:

    1. no problem amy, my pleasure! and that’s awesome to hear, maybe turn that walk into a jog one day (; lol

  4. Love this post! I definitely would feel self conscious and nervous at the gym as well, but I agree that you have to just focus on working out and not care if anyone’s looking at you! This also reminds me I really need to get back into working out! Xx

    1. thanks andrea (: you just gotta get over that initial fear! i went for a jog on the treadmill this morning & i felt great afterwards

  5. Awesome! I’ve recently got back to the gym after having babies and experiencing some physical limitations. It feels so good to be building strength again!

    1. yes! i know once i get started, i can’t stop (: & that’s awesome that you’re pushing yourself to get back to the gym!!

  6. Gymtimidation is definitely a thing! The first few weeks I started going it was so mortifying, almost like starting at a new school or something when you feel like you know nothing. x

    Morgan //

    1. ugh so true!! i never know what to do, that’s why i love going to classes lol

  7. I try to go to the gym when it’s the least crowded 🙂 I love those sportsbras; never thought to look at forever 21 for that kind of stuff!

    1. yes! morning time at my gym is when it’s the least crowded. forever 21 is great for that cause i found that sports bras at other places were like $30-$40 !! & they have really cute ones (:

  8. WELL DONE to you!! I absolutely love working out and loving all these tips from you, such a wonderful post and I’m sure so many people will find some form of inspiration!

    Stop caring and do what you want as long as you feel happy!

    Layla x

    1. aw thanks so much love, appreciate it (: and it’s so true!!

    1. haha believe me, so am i! once i drag myself into the gym, it’s so worth it (: thanks for reading, appreciate it!!

    1. i know right?! they’re my favorite, thanks for reading (:

  9. Girl, I feel you! I know exactly what you mean, I was insecure too when I hit the gym…I always thought people would judge me because I don’t have the perfect killer body. But you know what? Everyone has a (similar) goal when they enter a gym…and besides, shouldn’t we be proud of ourselves because we are working on it to stay fit/healthy instead of sitting on the couch? I no longer care about what people think of me. I only focus on my workouts. Love the active wear you are posting here, the water bottle is so cute!

    Vivian x

    1. right?! the gym isn’t some runway show so why i should care lol. i still have those days where i’m a little insecure in the gym but i’m working on just focusing on my workout!! thanks for reading love (: (water bottle is from target!)

  10. Great post! I’m the same no motivation and I’ve just re-joined the gym a few weeks ago.. saying that I missed my alarm this morning and didn’t end up going. I will definitely check out PrettyLittlething for sports bras!

    Kate xx

    1. thanks love (: & lol that was me the other morning! i snoozed for an hour & ended up missing my fitness class. the hardest part is getting my butt in the gym. will check out that brand!

  11. I definitely can relate. I’m pretty new to the gym and always feel like people are judging me when trying figure out a new machine- even though that’s probably not the case. Like you said, we just have to remind ourselves that everyone’s too busy caring about themselves to care about us! Great post😊
    -Cailey |

    1. oh that’s the worst when i don’t know how to use the equipment! lol i’ve been sticking to the treadmill but i wanna venture to other things. & yes!! i just have to keep telling myself that no one is looking. thanks for reading lovely (:

  12. It’s great that you’re incorporating exercising into your daily life! YES! It is fun to eat all of the pizzas but it comes back to you via fat :(. Love that going to the gym makes you feel empowered. I really like Forever 21’s gymwear. I also shop at PINK for gymwear as well. Keep it up!

    Nancy ♥

    1. thanks girl, yes! i try to incorporate it in my everyday routine. i still have pizza every once in a while (; i’ve been feeling so great & healthy!! will check out PINK’s activewear, i always see other people wearing it & it’s always so cute. thanks for reading!!

  13. I’ve never worked out at a gym before, but I just know that I’d feel very anxious. You’ve shared some amazing tips with us though, that I know will benefit lots of people x

    Lauren |

    1. thanks girl! it can be super tough not to feel anxious, i mostly just ignore everyone around me. thanks again for reading (:

  14. Sore muscles after a good workout feel so rewarding! I’ve never really had this problem because my main form of exercise is swimming, and it’s pretty easy to focus on yourself when you’re busy keeping yourself afloat 😛 I do remember this one time I tried out hot yoga for the first time and I was a bit intimidated, but part way through the workout, I was so hot and sweaty and focused that I just didn’t have space in my brain to worry about what other people thought. And honestly, everyone else was probably too focused on themselves to notice me, just as I was focused on myself 🙂 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    1. i always think swimming is such a great exercise, i really should swim more this summer! also, i know some friends took hot yoga & i definitely wanna check it off my bucket list (: & yes, i always feel like sore muscles means i’m making progress!! thanks for reading love!

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