why you need these products ~ may favorites


Ya know, one thing I love to do is watch favorites videos or read about products people are loving. I’ve decided that I should have a go at it, cause why not

1. Thayers Witch Hazel Astringent

I’m new to the world of astringents & toner, so bare with me. So far this bad boy has smoothed out my skin and combatted the unfortunate oiliness I suffer from.

This particular toner has a juicy sweat peach smell, which I adore (I’ve come to realize that this is the only product I have that’s peach scented!). I just squeeze a generous amount of the toner on a cotton ball and apply it to my t-zone & acne twice a day.

I love my morning skincare routine, so I’m always happy to add a new product!


2. Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Cleansing Gel

Okay I’ll admit that this was a total impulse buy at my last trip to Marshals, it’s not my fault my hometown Marshals has a great beauty section. Can you really blame me though, the packaging is so cute!

Just like the toner, this face wash has a lovely spring garden scent, who doesn’t love the smell of roses?! Peter Thomas Roth is an expensive skincare brand, so I had to pick it up when I saw Marshals had such a great price for it.

Keep a look out next time you’re at Marshals.



3. Maybelline Age Rewind Treatment Concealer

I have always heard influencers praise this concealer, but I’ve never tried it…. until now.

Quite frankly, I bought this because I didn’t wanna spend my cash on my usual Urban Decay Naked Skin concealer (it’s $3o, yikes!). I purchased the Maybelline one because I was in desperate need of a concealer, my dark circles were not looking so good.

As you might know, you just twist the top and out comes a very creamy & blendable concealer. This is definitely a go-to drugstore concealer.



I will continue to use these products until there’s no more left!

Let me know if you have tried any of these products and what you’ve been loving this month.


xoxo, Nora


12 Replies to “why you need these products ~ may favorites”

  1. I’ve never heard of Peter Thomas, but I love rose scented things! Have you heard of the British company Pixi? They have a whole line of rose scented skincare! They have rose cleansers, rose toners, and this rose caviar essence. If you love rose scented skincare, I would definitely check out Pixi!


    1. if you’re looking to splurge a little Peter Thomas Roth products are ahh-mazing! yes i have actually (: please tell me you’ve tried their rose scented face oil, it’s one of my all-time favorite skin care products. I’m definitely going to look into more of their products xox

  2. That Maybelline concealer is one of my favourites, out of all the ones I own!
    I also have really oily skin so I feel you girl! haha I’m not the best at skincare so maybe it’s deserved, I basically just use a cleanser and moisturizer! I’m trying to get better, thought, I got a new serum the other day so I’m quite happy about that xx

    Angela | DreamsAndLashes.com

    1. i can’t believe i didn’t use the maybelline concealer a lot sooner!! i find having a lot of products in my morning & night routine to be so fun/pampering! you gotta try face oils, i was hesitant to try them but once i did i was hooked! try the pixi beauty rose oil xo

    1. oh my goodness, thank you love! really appreciate it. and yes you gotta try it, it’s inexpensive yet soo good (: xo

    1. aw thanks girl, that means a lot! xo you should definitely check them out (:

  3. I love how there are so many different types of toners out there. I haven’t heard of Thayers before but it sounds interesting! Aloe vera is LIFE! Oooh! My mom loves Peter Thomas Roth products. I didn’t know they have a stem rose cell cleansing gel. Thanks for sharing your faves!

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

    1. yes same! my skin is not as oily ever since i started using the toner, its great. I used to put straight up aloe vera on my face as a moisturizer!! thanks for reading (:

  4. Maybelline has just bought out my shades of that concealer in the UK, I picked one up the other day and I’m excited to try it out. I hope it works for me as I can’t justify the price of high end concealers anymore

    Fran | http://www.franciscarockey.co.uk

    1. omg yeah! i just couldn’t justify buying a $30 concealer when it would run out in a month. this concealer does wonders at covering my dark circles!!

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