so you had a bad day?


Sometimes bad days are inevitable no matter how hard you try to ward them away and I have gathered up some tips and tricks that help get me out of my funk. While taking a walk or meditating may work for some, that doesn’t really help me out. When I’m down in the dumps, my routine to feeling better is full of pampering.


This may be an unpopular opinion to some but I absolutely love cleaning. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, I will do a full on cleaning sesh in my room. To me, a messy room leads to a cluttered mind and I just can’t relax in a space that’s messy. So the first step for me is start cleaning by, putting away clothes, wiping down my desk, vacuuming, and anything else to help me straighten up my room. Even if you don’t like cleaning I highly suggest doing it anyway (and I don’t mean stuffing everything in your closet, I mean actually do a deep cleaning!). Then when you’re all done you can get the satisfaction of lighting up a candle, turning on your string lights and spraying your pillows with some lavender pillow mist. Oh I almost forgot… don’t forget to blast music when you’re cleaning. I really like to blast some angsty music while cleaning and I usually dance and stomp around. Ya know I kinda pretend I’m in some sort of music video. I highly recommend listening to the song “Paracetamol” by Declan McKenna because when I dance and sing to this song, it really lets out whatever built up frustration.

Now, if you completed the first step correctly you should be sweaty. For the next step, I like to get into the shower. This is your time to really pamper yourself, get out your exfoliators, razor and your favorite scent of body wash because from head to toe you are going to clean yourself. I like to think of this step as the metaphorical cleansing of all your negative emotions, awkward moments and bad energy that have been building up. I don’t care if you sit in your shower for two hours, this is your moment to let it all out. Hell even cry if you have to because once you leave that shower you’re going to put all those negative emotions behind you. Let all those bad vibes go down the drain while you scrub away all the negativity.

Okay so by now you should feel composed and starting to feel a little better and the last step consists of winding down. Go ahead and sit in front of mirror and apply a sheet mask or face mask while you bask in the coziness of your string lights and candles. I personally prefer sheet masks because there’s no need to wash it off and I love pressing the leftover serum into my skin. Quite honestly I see more of a difference in my skin when I use a sheet mask, they usually make my skin look less dull. Once you’re all relaxed climb into your bed with a comfy blanket, start binge-watching something and call it a day because tomorrow is a brand new day. Tomorrow you can start over as a new person.


Happy pampering!

xoxo,  Nora


3 Replies to “so you had a bad day?”

  1. What’s your self-care routine look like?! xoxo

  2. This is such a lovely post! I love putting on a face mask to unwind, and lighting up candles and listening to music. I haven’t yet tried a sheet mask, but I think I will do next time. Thanks for the suggestion x

    1. aw thanks for reading, really appreciate it (: face masks are one of my favorite things!! sheet masks are way less of a hassle

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