Who’s Nora?


Welcome to my newly launched blog, “Simply Miss. Nora”! I’m sure you have some questions….

As you might have seen already my name is Nora and I’m an almost  twenty-one year old trying to get by. I also have the added benefit of being a senior in college. My hobbies include browsing the aisles at HomeGoods, discovering new music on long bus rides and alone time. 

I think I can consider this a lifestyle blog and I wanna have an open & honest conversation about the struggles of a modern-day young adulthood. I had my fair share of mental breakdowns and I even suffered a “quarter life crisis” last semester. During a cram-session for an upcoming tax exam, I seriously contemplated dropping out of school foregoing everything I worked hard for, to become an interior designer or something like that (which is an awesome and commendable career path). This sudden impulse probably came to my mind because I had HGTV on in background while I was studying. Nevertheless, I stuck with my plan to become an accountant. I’m here to help you avoid having a freakout similar to mine. If you feel as though nothing is going right, then welcome! 

My hope is to share my experience growing up and maybe make someone out there feel less alone in their struggles. Stay tuned for some posts about personal style, college help and just random bits and bobs. I would also like to sprinkle in some posts about my own personal interests, so you can get to know me more!

I am here to assure you that no one ever truly has it together in their 20s, but if you take it day by day it should be somewhat manageable. I learn something new everyday about myself and everything around me. Keep in mind, I still haven’t figured it all out but I have my fair share of life-learning experiences that I’d like to share.

xoxo, Nora